Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm

My Mom and I went to a wonderful concert tonight. The performers were Inanna – definitely check out their website if you’ve never heard of (or heard) them. We’ve seen them before, most notably in 2004 just after my Mom got out of rehab after her major car accident. I remember that show particularly because Mom was still in a wheelchair then, and the concert was outdoors at an orchard, so I had to wheel her up the hill and through the grass. The drumming they do is so healing, though, it was definitely worth it.

Tonight’s show was superb, as always. They are so inspiring! I love that they focus on encouraging women to play drums. And their new compositions are lovely – a bit more meditative and spiritual. Though they also played some of their upbeat get-you-dancing tunes, of course.

They are finishing up a new CD and are doing a Kickstarter campaign (the details are on their website) to help them raise money to finish it. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter (aren’t I just a font of information tonight?), it’s a very cool way for groups to raise funds (though, fair warning, there is apparently some controversy about how they choose their projects). That was how Starhawk raised the initial funds to get started with making her wonderful novel The Fifth Sacred Thing into a movie. But I digress. Check out Inanna, and support them. You can get a CD, be blessed in their prayers, wear some of their beautiful clothing that one of the members creates, or any number of other cool things, just for helping out. Drum on!

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