Ah, Peaceful Saturday

Quester makes yummy veggie pizza. And it’s even better when eaten while listening to A Prairie Home Companion. And even better than that when followed by his delicious chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps there will even be Skip-Bo, once ElvenTiger returns from her bike ride.

My day of relaxation has been great. Of course, as a Mom, it included cleaning the kitchen a couple of times, and doing some laundry. But there was also yoga, and reading, and a leisurely walk. We spent some time with some kitty friends whose human companion is away for the weekend. Quester and BlackLion mowed the lawn – yup, both riding around on Aunt Peg’s mowers, cutting the time in half.

Quester and ElvenTiger helped my parents with some painting, earlier in the day. Dryst has been feeling sick, so he’s taking it easy and healing. The kids get sick so rarely (knock on wood) that it’s really strange when they do. But he’s better today than yesterday. I knew he was really under the weather when he decided not to go to his lacrosse game last night.

Not much else is going on around here, and right now that’s the way we like it. Purr purr purr…

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