Getting the Word Out

I’m a writer. I write mostly non-fiction articles, essays, and books on spirituality and learning to live consciously. And that’s how I want to earn a living, or at least contribute to my family’s financial needs. It sounds simple, huh? I even have confidence in my art. I’ve been practicing for a long time, I have interesting things to say, and I think that lots of people would like to read what I write.

The thing is, how do I get the word out? The traditional “submit to a literary agent or publisher” route is one of my avenues, certainly, although it’s well known for only being rarely accessible, and the online world has changed everything. For our Feline Dreamers business, BlackLion and I are trying various social networking, viral marketing type ventures, but we don’t really know much about marketing, so we’re mostly feeling around in the dark. We’d like to increase our audience from the low hundreds to, oh, millions, ideally! Most of the “write online articles for money” gigs that I’ve found are only interested in topics I either know nothing about or sound deadly boring. That’s a sure way to kill creativity.

Just recently, I’ve had two magazines interested in having me write an article for them. Not huge magazines, but respectable and hip. So that’s the next step. After mulling ideas over in my head (always my first step), I’m in the process of sitting down to create the first drafts. This could lead to something big! It’s another step towards my writing goals. What am I afraid of?

Tell me what you think!

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