Cleansing is Going Well

I had the thought that the raw food cleanse might be hard for me to do. But so far, it’s been easy and wonderful. I think my body was really ready. All of the foods I’m eating taste so delicious, and I’m feeling perfectly full even though I’m eating a lot less than I have been. I had a salad for dinner. It was spinach, tomato, cukes, avocado, red onion, and olives, with a homemade dressing, and it tasted like the most fantastic thing I’d ever had!

The water drinking is also going just fine. Yesterday I had 64 ounces, and today I easily drank the whole 100 ounces which is sort of a goal (“sort of” because if I don’t do it, no big deal). Yes, I’m visiting the bathroom a lot (the tiny bladder thing), but I figure that means I’m getting rid of a lot of toxins, so that’s fine.

Emotionally I’ve been doing well, too. Yesterday I felt great all day and got a lot done. Worked on creative projects, did housework, all kinds of stuff. I felt joyful and light. This morning I woke up feeling energized and positive. I had a busy day of house stuff and errands, which all went smoothly.

Tonight was our weekly homeschool group. It was a bit overwhelming being around lots of people, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Lately I’ve been better able to stay true to myself in a crowd than I used to be, anyway. Being an empath, I used to absorb a lot of the energies of others and be drawn away from my center. But for the most part I’ve learned not to do that, and now I enjoy hanging out with friends in groups. It does take energy to maintain, though, so as I write this, I’m feeling a bit tired and ready to chill out for the evening (especially since I have homeschool co-op tomorrow, so even more people!). I thought I might feel triggered about food, since we do a big potluck dinner on Wednesday nights and everyone would be enjoying various cooked and sweet foods. But that was no big deal at all, and as I mentioned above, I loved the salad I brought for myself. That’s all for now. Good night!

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