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A couple of years ago, BlackLion and I decided we wanted to start a business. We named it Feline Dreamers, put up a simple website, and brainstormed a bunch of ideas. We got started on some of them, but then life interfered. My yearbook quote in high school was “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans,” from John Lennon, and that’s indeed what happened.

I left my longtime career in public radio to be at home. Over the past year-and-a-half I’ve been adjusting to my new freedom and the concept of creating my own schedule. I’ve been doing and being a lot: homeschooling with two kids, teaching homeschool classes for the Maine Wholeschoolers, volunteering a lot, gardening, homemaking, learning new things, doing a bit of traveling, renewing my Pagan spirituality, writing, making art, exploring my inner landscape, and more. I’ve journeyed with my family through my Dad’s heart attack and surgery last year, grieved the loss of two feline members of our family, adjusted to changing finances, gone on an intense yoga retreat, and created change within myself.

Now, after going through the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse early this year, BlackLion and I have both discovered that we are ready to focus on our business once again. We got really inspired by a tele-seminar from Christine Kane. She’s an amazing person, a singer-songwriter who likes to show how you can be creative and also succeed in the business world. We are using some of the tips she gave, incorporating them with our own ideas as we move forward. It’s very exciting and fun! I have often thought of “business” as dry and boring, but not anymore. We’re setting up Feline Dreamers such that we can follow our callings, offer our services and ideas to others, and also pay the bills. Stay tuned. :)


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