Confession Time

I am an unusual person, with an unconventional lifestyle. I’m a legally licensed Pagan priestess. I’m a vegetarian who eats mostly vegan food. I do Reiki healing. I radically unschool my kids. I dye my hair strange colors, just for fun. I have three tattoos, and want more. I practice yoga and meditation regularly. I read Tarot cards. I’m a nouveau hippie chick who has been to 10 Grateful Dead shows and seen Phish a few times. I spent my summer vacation dressing up and re-enacting life in the Middle Ages. I love barefoot hiking. I don’t take any medications (prescription or over-the-counter). There are no TVs in my home. I shop at Goodwill, and enjoy it. I recycle avidly, and prefer to use Earth-friendly products whenever possible. I am (gasp) a flaming liberal.

That was not the confession. That’s pretty much me, living life out there, being who I am and not caring much about the mainstream Western consumer lifestyle.

Now, it’s confession time. Some of the highlights of my week are:

– Cooking food for the big Thanksgiving feast I’m hosting at my home. Granted, I’m not cooking or eating turkey, and my dishes will be vegan. But it’s comfort food, nonetheless, and I’m getting my house all ready for the big day, washing the cloth napkins and tidying away the clutter.

– Seeing the opening day showing of the movie “New Moon.” And I loved it! I loved the Twilight series of books, too. I think they did a terrific job capturing the books in the two movies that they’ve made so far. Bella’s birthday is the same day as mine, and I totally get her character. Yep, I’d be a vampire girl, too.

– I make a pretty good pie crust. My Mom taught me, and I use her recipe. But today she told me her new technique, and after trying it for the first time, I’m so psyched! You just put all the ingredients in the food processor and let it do all the work. Perfect pie crust, ready to roll out! No mess, no waste, no pastry blender. Yes!

– We just watched the finale of this season of Dancing With the Stars. No, I don’t have TV, but my Mom does, and we’ve been watching the show together for three or four seasons now. Mya is a beautiful dancer. Donny Osmond is a consummate showman. But I must confess, I really dig Kelly Osborne. Perhaps because she’s a bit freaky herself? Could be.

Now you know my dirty little secrets. Hope I’m not getting too June Cleaver for you…

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