Weekend in the Life Of…

So, just what does a Starcat do on the weekends? Well, being a soccer Mom (not to mention basketball and other sports), I often attend a lot of games. Right now we’re in between sessions, so we didn’t have (much) sports-related activity this weekend.

Friday night I had dinner at Mom and Dad’s – they’d been watching the kids, and I went to pick them up and stayed for delicious soup and biscuits and pie. We had a good visit. I was feeling a bit under the weather (I caught a cold), so we went home and I rested and read Harry Potter to the kids. On the way home, we saw Holmes Comet!!! Very cool. Later that night I gave BlackLion a Tarot reading with my new (since my birthday in September) Mystic Faerie Tarot deck.

On Saturday I did more resting. Listened to some of the Pathway to Happiness material. This latest one was about acceptance, and is really useful. Read a bit, and hung out. Then we did grocery shopping, followed by a bunch of cooking: tempeh salad, fruit salad, vegan pumpkin pie (ElvenTiger had a craving) and, later in the evening, pad thai. Also cleaned some. Quester and I took Crow to his soccer team’s pizza party (see, I said not much sports stuff). Then worked on some cutout cards (collage-type cards that we make for Yule/Christmas), and ate dinner. We all played SkipBo after dinner.

Sunday morning I slept in, and stayed in bed for a while, just reading and doing some more cutout stuff. Did my morning meditation and Tarot cards. Played online a bit with the kids, taking a quiz about our learning styles. Then we all went over to BlackLion and Raven’s home and had lunch (leftover pad thai and pie) and helped them do some more moving in. We unpacked boxes and sorted out stuff, and just generally helped them make it more their own. The place is looking good! BlackLion and I need to organize his office space soon. We want to use it as a place to work on our book and other writing projects together.

We came back home and now I’m updating this blog, then we’re going over to Aunt Peg’s for the monthly family potluck. Yum! Quester made some garlic bread for the festivities. That should be fun. Then we’ll come home and read to the kids and the usual routine for bedtime and such, and perhaps I’ll even get some time for yoga.

So a full weekend, with fun and rest both included as well. And the bonus is, this is a short week at work! We’ll be hosting Thanksgiving for a big crew on Thursday. I like fall.

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