Giving Thanks

I like to practice gratitude regularly. I feel really blessed, and I’m very thankful for all my family and friends and a lovely place to live, and creativity and abundance and health. Thank you Multiverse!!!

We had a fun time celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. Fourteen of us gathered here. The company was terrific, the food was delicious, and there was a lot of laughter. The cooking and cleaning wasn’t too hard, either; our meal was in the evening this time, which I liked because it gave us more time to get ready. Plus I’m a night owl anyway. A few of us stayed up late and played cards, and giggled a lot.

Here’s the meal we had. This is the vegetarian portion; we also had meat for those who like it. Everything was homemade – even the bread for the stuffing! Quester taught BlackLion how to make bread on Wednesday.

stuffing (aka dressing, for those of you in the southern U.S.!)
mashed potatoes
butternut squash & apple bake
sweet potato pudding
green bean casserole
oatmeal rolls
cranberry relish (which BlackLion’s Mom made; it was awesome)

chocolate creamy pie with soy whipped cream (delicious)
apple pie
pumpkin turnovers

and the appetizers were nuts, olives, veggies, crackers and dip

It was a bountiful feast! I love it that most everyone cooks and seems to have fun doing it. We give my brother a break because he cooks for a living. He’s working today and wasn’t looking forward to how busy they’d be – his restaurant is right by a mall. Ick. I’m staying far away from those places today, just hanging out playing games with the kids. We’re enjoying some games that we just got, including Pente and Phase 10.


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