Notes From the Jungle

My Rob Brezsny horoscope for this week reads:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): I don’t think you’re fully aware of the game
you’ve been immersed in. You may even be in denial that you’re playing it.
If I’m right about this, please make it a priority to acknowledge what’s
going on and identify the exact nature of the game. You can’t afford to
be innocent about the subterranean forces that are in motion. It’s
especially important not to be too nice and polite to see the complicated
truth. Please note: There’s no need to be a cynical shark — that would be
as inappropriate a response as being a sweet little lamb. But you should
definitely activate your jungle senses.

At first I wasn’t sure what he was even talking about. What do you mean, game? I have no idea. Yeah, not aware. Or not consciously, at least. Then I did some free-writing about it in my journal, during a homeschool co-op class (I’m assisting the teacher for this amazing creative writing/slam poetry class, which basically means I’m lucky enough to be one of the students). From snippets of text in the free-writing, this poem has emerged. It is my response to this week’s juicy astrological advice.

Notes From the Jungle

What game is played
Under the surface?
I catch glimpses
In flashes
Beneath the routine
Of the everyday.
Jungle cat ears
Perk up,
Nose twitching.
I comfort myself
With routine,
Doing the next thing
On my list.
Panther goes
Back to sleep,
Sun filling her up
Tail to whiskers.
Paws curled,
Nose tucked under.
Yet one eye
Barely open,
I drive.
I do dishes.
I check e-mail
Jungle cat
Wakes suddenly,
Ready to pounce,
To leap from her tree.
An idea spark,
A flash of bright color,
Thoughts in motion.
The game is up!
I follow the impulse,
Padding through emerald forest
On velvety paws
Which hide sharpest claws,
Most vivid visions,
Of that which is ancient,
Yet new again.


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