What Do Unschoolers Do?

I thought it might be time for another “weekend in the life of Starcat” post. I’m hoping some of my new pals on the three unschooling e-mail lists I’ve joined might stop by to check out this blog. And since I get so much out of reading about their lives, I thought I’d share some of mine.

Friday night we went and had dinner with my parents. The kids got to watch some TV (we choose not to have a TV at home, though we do watch DVDs on our computer). Crow enjoyed watching basketball with Grampa. My mom and I recently both bought the same digital camera, so we messed around with figuring out how to upload her photos from a recent trip, and send them to her friends (I know, if I really had my act together, this post would have photos, too!).

Saturday we did the annual “Maine Maple Syrup Weekend.” We went to a different farm this year, and enjoyed the pancakes, as well as not having to wait in line as long. The best part, though, was taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the woods as the snow fell! It was so pretty! The kids have been going to these events for years, and they know how the maple syrup is made. Yet they insist that we go – it’s a spring tradition, now! Though celebrating spring as more snow falls, adding to the 2-plus feet already covering the ground, is an interesting concept.

I got a lot of writing done on Saturday. LM and BlackLion and I worked on the vegan cookbook, and then BlackLion and I worked on our “core beliefs” project too. Quester and Raven took the kids to see the Spiderwick Chronicles movie. They all liked it. We haven’t read the books yet, but they are on my list. Oh, and Quester and Crow also went and got Crow his gear for his new sport – lacrosse!

On Sunday, ElvenTiger had two indoor soccer games. She played really well and had fun, though she was really tired afterwards. She’s going to keep playing two games every Sunday this session. Crow was so excited about lacrosse that he brought his gear to the sports center and practiced on his own. At one point he had a circle of little kids gathered around him as he explained what he was doing – too cute!

Sunday night we made Mexican food and played “Fact or Crap,” which is a fun game. ElvenTiger won, despite her initial concerns about needing help reading the cards. We also did some Mad Libs. I read the owl book to the kids. That’s about it. A fun and busy weekend!

Now it’s Monday, so I’m back to the day job. I’m so much looking forward to being able to have self-directed days all the time!

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