Thanksgiving Week Plans

How did it get to be Thanksgiving week already?! I’ve been enjoying a rather quiet and introspective month, by choice, but I’m also glad for the arrival of the holiday season. I thought I’d share some of our plans and projects for this week. I just posted this blog’s address on a new Unschooling group in Facebook, too, so “hi there, new readers! Welcome!”

ElvenTiger and I are still working on her room renovations. Actually, I’m procrastinating just a bit while writing this blog. I’m headed upstairs to do some more painting, soon…really. We’re working on the second coat. It’s a lovely rich purple. ElvenTiger is also involved with indoor soccer (none this week due to the holiday, though), knitting projects, and math. She’s taking a math class through our homeschool group and seems to be enjoying it. They’re doing fractions right now – I think perhaps her extensive cooking experience will help her in that regard.

Dryst is involved with a new PC game called Minecraft, which is in the beta stage, or maybe it’s alpha…anyway, he and BlackLion have been having fun figuring out new strategies and techniques to use. He seems to be in the midst of another growth spurt – eating a lot and feeling a bit low-energy. Though he’s working on setting up a football game in our yard, followed by a sleepover. His indoor soccer season hasn’t started yet.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving, as is our tradition. We’ll have a slightly smaller crowd this year, which is good because it means everyone will fit around the table. My brother and his new wife and step-daughter won’t be joining us, as they’re headed north to see some of her family. I’ll miss them, but I’m so happy that my little brother has a family of his own now. Our Thanksgiving menu features seitan and vegan gravy (my Mom makes turkey and gravy for the meat-eaters), smashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, squash, the infamous slimy onions (and another onion dish that is less slimy), homemade cranberry sauce, and oatmeal rolls. Dessert will feature four pies: apple, pumpkin, chocolate cream, and raisin, plus some fudge. Wow!

This week, in place of our usual weekly gathering, our Maine Wholeschoolers homeschool group is headed out to see the new Harry Potter movie together. I can’t wait! We’ll also be drawing names for our Secret Santa gifts, which we exchange at the big New Year’s Eve party.

My other projects include getting our Winter Solstice invitations sent out, working on some recording for Feline Dreamers, writing, and of course cleaning the house for the big day. Busy elves! I hope your holiday is fun and full of family, friends, and delicious food. Count your blessings!


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