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In response to the question, “the antiwar movement, what good is it?”

ALICE WALKER: Well, as I was saying about the Civil Rights Movement, sometimes you can’t see tangible results. You cannot see the changes that you’re dreaming about, because they’re internal. And a lot of it has to do with the ability to express yourself, your own individual dream and your own individual road in life. And so, we may never stop war. We may never stop war, and it isn’t likely that we will, actually. But what we’re doing as we try to stop war externally, what we’re trying to do is stop it in ourselves. That’s where war has to end. And until we can control our own violence, our own anger, our own hostility, our own meanness, our own greed, it’s going to be so, so, so hard to do anything out there. So I think of any movement for peace and justice as something that is about stabilizing our inner spirit so that we can go on and bring into the world a vision that is much more humane than the one that we have dominant today.


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  1. I like that quote. I think that we don’t want to “control our anger” but become more aware of our feelings (the good the bad and the ugly) so we can get what we need and often what we want in more peacefully. (& thanks for taken’ a vist in my blog”)

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