Wellness and Illness

Here it is the middle of April already! The month of March, for my family, was spent in various states of illness. Colds, flus, mystery viruses–you name it, we had it! And the emotional depths that tend to go with such physical ailments, too.

The start of Spring has certainly helped lift our spirits and bring in some good fresh air (even though I was sick in bed with a fever during the Spring Equinox ritual I was supposed to be co-leading–oops). We’ve been on a few easy hikes so far, with good prospects for more hikes to come. I’ve noticed that simply being out in Nature has a profound effect on my mood and energy system. That sounds obvious, but it’s even more noticeable than usual.

Lately I’ve been reading Jane Roberts/Seth books, which are a total brain-enlivener, and have also made my dreams even more vivid than usual. I’ll post some quotes from them at some point.

That’s all for now. I just wanted to make it known that I am, in fact, still alive and (mostly) well.
Blessed Be!

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