Keep Letting in the Light

This is the darkest time of year for those of us in the northern hemisphere, with the longest nights and shortest days. The sun is at its lowest point. This month, it’s also the dark of the moon. The solar and lunar energies are at an ebb. Your energy level may mirror this, reflecting what’s going on in nature. That’s the paradox of this time of year – just when you feel most like hibernating and getting introspective, parties and gifts and holiday preparations demand your attention and time.

I woke early in the morning yesterday, while it was still dark. Worries and to-do lists whirled through my mind. I tossed and turned, wanting to return to sleep, but overcome by anxious thoughts. Reverting to my most basic practice, I steadied my breathing, focusing on the exhales, the inhales. My intuition spoke to me: “Just keep letting in the light,” it said.

When a cat is in the dark, its pupils dilate wide enough to make use of whatever tiny speck of light is present. We can do that with the energy around us. When you wonder how you’ll ever afford the holidays, let in the light. When you feel frenzied, trying to get everything done on time, let in the light. When you’re missing loved ones who have passed beyond the veil, let in the light. When you’re sore and tired, let in the light. When the bills pile up, let in the light.

Soon the sun will return, and the moon will begin to wax and glow again. The days will lengthen, and our energy levels will begin to rise once more. In the meantime, consider adopting this mantra, to help you remember to open up and enjoy where and who you are: just let in the light.


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