Merlin’s Ear

Aunt Peg noticed it first. She told me to check out Merlin cat’s right ear, because he didn’t want her petting it, and would flinch when she tried to. This is the cat who normally loves to have his ears scratched. So I checked it out, and sure enough, something was going on. It didn’t look like he’d been injured, but he did seem to have some kind of ear infection.

So we took him to the vet, and yes, that’s what it was. They weren’t sure why yet, but gave him a shot of antibiotics, and told us to come back in two weeks. Happily, he had no fever and hiMerlin Lovecats glands weren’t swollen, so it seemed to be confined to just the one ear. In the meantime, we’re to give him ear drops twice a day, and ear wash once. Which is kind of a challenge for a cat who loves to be outdoors or in the barn most of the time!

But he’s being remarkably patient. He’s very smart, and seems to know that the drops (though he doesn’t like to have them put in) will help him. And the good news is, only two days later, his ear is already observably better.

Sweet cat! Please send him some healing energies if you have them to spare. Thanks, and purr purr purr….


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