Weaving the Cord

I’ve been having some fantastic in-depth metaphysical conversations lately – it must be the time of year. Winter seems to hold more space for slowing down and going deeper. BlackLion and I are leading a series of calls over at Good Vibe University called “All Things Woo-Woo.” On yesterday’s call, we were talking about spellcasting.

It was so uplifting to speak with a group of New Age conscious co-creators, most of whom are spiritual but not religious, about the practices and ethics of the Pagan faith. I think people from both camps would be surprised at how well they line up, actually.

One of the spells that I’ve done for years is invisibility. Years ago, I once used it when walking home from work, a trip of about a mile along a busy street. Quester came home early and thought he’d pick me up along the way. He drove up and down the street several times, knowing the route I normally took, but was unable to see me as I walked along the sidewalk.

A friend and I were talking about invisibility recently, and he framed it in a way that made total sense. Normally we attune our vibration with our surroundings – not necessarily on purpose, but because we’re in the flow of that place.

If you think of this vibration as a waveform, then making yourself invisible means changing your waveform just slightly, enough so that you’re not quite as obviously there. You’re moving out of  sync with the coherent waveform that forms the visible input of the people around you. It’s destructive interference, where you’re cancelling out your appearance.

It’s not the opposite of the dominant vibration, but just a little bit off, so you’re sort of slipping between the waves.

I shared about it on the call, and then today I mentioned to the same friend about how much fun it was to connect these two different-but-similar ways of approaching life. We talked about the importance of practice.

Using your will to purposefully affect your experience starts out like a line, a thin thread that you reach out to affect events. As you practice, you’re adding other lines over time, and weaving a cord of magick that you can use to create change.

Brigid'scrossI thought that image was apropos for today, which is the eve of Imbolc or Brigid, the Celtic holy day celebrating the first stirrings of spring. Traditional crafts for the holiday include weaving Brigid’s crosses out of reeds and creating a corn doll that represents the Goddess.

Just as we craft these items of connection to the Divine, so our practice of magick helps us weave a cord that we can use as we make our way through the cosmos.

We can use our gifts and skills to create the change that we want to see in the world.

May it be so.

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