Starcat’s Favorites: Making Preparations

This week has been all about preparing, although of course there has been some enjoying the moments as well. BlackLion and I are working with our Dark Follies troupe to prepare for the big show we’re doing on Halloween night. It’s a collaboration with Pete Witham and the Cozmik Zombies, called The Carnival of Death. It will be spooky and delightful. If you’re near southern Maine and would like more information on the show and tickets, click here.

I’m also preparing for the quieter time between Samhain/Halloween and the Winter Solstice. I normally set aside this time of year for releasing old habits and encouraging healthy new ones. This time around I’ll be focused on changing my eating habits. I usually give up refined sugar during that time, but this round I’m also making some bigger changes. I’ve been reading up on macrobiotics and am thinking that will be a cool direction, though I haven’t made my final plans yet. I’m also going to be focusing more on yoga, as well as keeping the daily dance practice. It’s been lovely to plan some deeper, more introspective creative projects for the winter, and I’m looking forward to my schedule being a bit less jam-packed.

Here are some tasty tidbits for your Sunday afternoon, or whenever you get to them:

Some simple tips for having a healthy life.

How to know when to give up. Interestingly, this one made me even more determined to succeed, but it’s a handy guideline to have around.

Keeping things simple – no, really – will contribute to success, too.

I love the images evoked in this article, of the soul being tracked by the wild child.

And finally, for my fellow introverts (or those who love them), one on how to flourish in an extroverted world.

Blessings to you and yours this week and beyond!

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