Starcat’s Favorites: Preparing and Awaiting

This week I was awaiting the return of Quester and ElvenTiger. I was preparing for our annual Big Backyard Bash. I was meditating on my self-worth, friendship, nurturing, and lots of other ponderings. I was drumming and cleaning and polishing and reading and writing and lots of other ings. And lo and behold, it’s the evening before the big party, and both of my dear ones are home safe. We celebrated with quesadillas and a game of Mexican Train Dominoes.

Here this week’s gleanings:

You know those crazy things you’d like to do but are kind of afraid to, or just never quite get to? Do them! Go for it!

Supportive community is a wonderful thing.

Mercury is retrograde. I could kind of tell. Yes, I am indeed a Virgo and a writer.

I’m not really a photographer, but this sounds pretty fun. I might even play along.

After the party will come the quiet. I plan to revel in it.

I’m off to bed now, to dream the gathering into existence. I’ll have a very special party post to share with you tomorrow or the next day. Blessings!

Tell me what you think!

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