It’s All Connected

This is the first day of a new “blogging challenge” that BlackLion and I have set up for ourselves. We’ve decided to each write an entry every day. We’re already planning to redesign our website, and have an artist friend working on some cool new graphics for us. The blog challenge idea came out of a conversation and brainstorming session we had yesterday.

I’ve been looking into finding some work that I can do at home, to add to our prosperity. I’d been thinking of it as sort of “separate” from my own callings, like “oh, I can do 10 hours a week and still have time to do my own stuff.” But, after doing some research, what appealed to me most from the options I found was doing… (drum roll) freelance writing. Well, duh! And in thinking about it further, I realized that by taking that path I can have fun, make money, and practice my craft at the same time.

BlackLion and I were talking about ways to reach more people with our ideas and writings and other creations. We want to publish our books, certainly, and we’re working on that – but what else can we do? Rather than trying to fit ourselves into existing categories or niches, we decided to embrace the idea that we both enjoy the “Renaissance Man” approach to life. We have many interests and passions, so what if we use our website as a portal for…everything that appeals to us?

That way we can continue to do what we love, and disseminate it to others who might be interested. We can practice our writing by composing daily updates, share our research on our resources pages, and post pictures of our adventures. Any particular person probably won’t be interested in every item, but I think there are enough freaky folks like us (freaky in their own way, of course) to make it a fun destination.

That in turn will help create awareness about what we do and publicize our books (or CDs, workshops, and other projects). And, ultimately, it’ll help us to make a living doing what we love. It’s all connected!

Tell me what you think!

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