Why I Love Facebook

Facebook has become an extremely popular social networking tool – which in itself is a fairly new phrase to describe relating to other people online. Yet despite the large number of people using it, I hear a lot of complaints about Facebook, too. Some people are afraid that their personal information will be stolen or co-opted for some nefarious purpose. Others find it to be a “time-waster,” or complain about how other people use it.

I have to admit that I actually love using Facebook. Why? Well, the main reason is that I like to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances without having to use the phone. I really don’t like phones much, and never have. I’m a writer, so it makes sense that I’d prefer the written world of e-mail and even (gasp!) snail-mail letters (yes, I do have two or three people I correspond with using pens, stationery, and stamps). Facebook seems to be a mutually convenient way to keep in touch, even for those who aren’t drawn to long written communications. And photos are fairly easy to post, thus allowing us to share glimpses into each others’ daily lives.

Also, because I own my own business, which I’m trying to expand, Facebook is a great way to network. I can post blogs, send out meaningful quotes, and let folks know what’s going on. And if they’re not interested, they can just breeze right by it, without having to delete stuff like they would an e-mail.

Facebook has also sparked my creativity, many times. I have a diverse group of friends, and often they’ll say something or share a quote that I might not have run across otherwise. It helps inspire me with new ideas and send my thoughts off in previously unknown directions. Photos, links, videos…and all for free, and collected in one easy place. I’m not one for surfing randomly around the web, but this way I can still discover lots of cool things pretty easily.

And finally, I can connect with people all around the country and the world who share my interests. Some of the things that I love just aren’t part of the mainstream, like unschooling, vegetarianism, and Pagan spirituality. But I can find plenty of others to talk with about those passions, and make connections that I can follow up on later with a face-to-face meeting. It’s a lot of fun! Come on over and befriend me if you like – my Facebook name is Nikki Shields, and I’m from Maine. You can also find me through our Feline Dreamers page on Facebook. Chat with you later!

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