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I thought it might be fun to list what “media” I use regularly, and why. I’d love to see your list, too. Put it on your blog if you have one, or just leave a comment. By sharing, we might discover new interesting things to inspire us! (Note: I haven’t included books, simply because I read so many. I do have a list of my current reads on the sidebar)

Magazines and Newsletters:
Yoga Journal. After I attended a yoga retreat last year, the retreat center sent me a free one-year subscription. It’s a great magazine, and I do want to renew for another year.
Home Education Magazine. I’ve read HEM for several years now, and I’m still finding useful ideas, book and website suggestions, and fun articles.
EarthTides Pagan Network newsletter. I’m a volunteer for EarthTides and I write for the newsletter. But I also read it, and enjoy hearing what other Pagans in Maine have to say. Lately we’ve been adding new writers and more content.

My number one station is MPBN. My favorite shows are A Prairie Home Companion, World Cafe, and the Friday night jazz lineup. I’m not keeping up with the news as much lately, but when I want to do so, MPBN is my favorite source. I also listen to WCLZ sometimes, and this time of year I listen to WHOM because they play Christmas music. I don’t like the commercials, though.

We go out to the movie theater occasionally. Some of the things I’ve seen this year are: New Moon, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Julie & Julia, the latest Harry Potter movie, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, comedy, adventure (though not the really gory violent stuff) and cartoons. We’ll more often use our Netflix account to get those types of movies.

I don’t have regular TV, but we do watch a few series on Netflix and one with my Mom. With Mom, we’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars, which is a fun thing to do as a family. The kids got me really into the series Avatar: The Last Airbender, and we’ve seen all the episodes (there will be a movie of the series next spring!). I watch the series Heroes with BlackLion. Now that we’ve seen all of the Avatar shows, we’re trying to decide what series to watch next as a family. Our close friends recommended Legend of the Seeker, so we may do that one.

E-mail lists:
My favorite by far is the Radical Unschooling with Law of Attraction list run by Dayna Martin. It’s a very positive and supportive online unschooling community. I also get daily Notes from the Universe, weekly horoscopes from Rob Brezsny, and a weekly Live Creative newsletter from Christine Kane. Another great list is the e-newsletter from my friend’s Rite Food & Company website – her articles are super, as is the podcast she does with her daughter. I get the daily public radio show The Writer’s Almanac as an e-mail, too.

Websites and Blogs:
I’m most often on these websites: Yahoo (to get my e-mail), Google (for online research and our family’s shared calendar), Webkinz (I love my cute virtual pets!), Facebook (a cool way to connect), MPBN (mostly to get the weather) and Blogger (to post here).

The blogs I follow more or less regularly are: BlackLion’s Den, our own Feline Dreamers site, The Sparkling Martins, a friend’s blog that she hasn’t made public yet, Nurtured by Love, Do Life Right, JWL, The Pagan City, Wiccan Life, Snowhawke’s Druidry Blog, Surviving the Suburbs, and Witchy Mom’s Homeschool. There are some others I look in on occasionally, mostly unschool ones. Oh, and as a bonus for fans of Garrison Keillor: The View From Mrs. Sundberg’s Window.

OK, that’s all for now. I hope I’ve provided you with some inspiration, food for thought, and entertainment!

Tell me what you think!

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