Spotlight on Yoga

So, my brother tells me I’m a terrible blogger, and I guess he’s right. That is, because I’ve neglected this poor site so much! But life goes on, and so now I’m here to tell a little about it.

My Dad had a heart attack on Christmas Eve, followed by triple bypass surgery, and has been in the hospital ever since. He suffered several complications, and it took a while for him to even get out of the ICU. He’s doing much better now, and should be coming home soon. Our family has, understandably, been under a lot of stress. For me, yoga has helped.

I’d been doing yoga regularly (4-6 times per week) from late July through early December, then for various reasons I’d stopped. Starting with the new year, my dear friend LM and I decided to do yoga together once a week (rather than attending a weekly class together as we’d been doing). We’re also undertaking a study of the founding texts of yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism, and have committed to a daily practice which includes certain poses, meditations and breathing techniques that we decide on each week.

How is it going? Fabulous! I’m really enjoying devoting 45 to 60 minutes to yoga and meditation each and every day. Since we began on January 5th, there has only been one day when I didn’t make time to practice. It’s great exercise, and helps me to de-stress and center myself. I’m really thankful for yoga!

Tell me what you think!

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