On Magick and Patience

circlemagickThanks to a dear friend of mine who literally made me sit down in his living room and watch a random episode, I’ve just watched the first season of TV series “The Magicians.” Not that I didn’t believe it would be awesome, it’s just that I’m slow-moving when it comes to shows. I don’t watch that many, because if I did they’d cut into my reading time.

He was right, though, and I was hooked. It’s sort of like Hogwarts for adults, and has all kinds of interesting complications. Predictably enough, I want to get the books it was based on.

But I digress. Anyway, one thing I noticed in the show was that the characters would do some kind of group spell or ritual, and nothing would happen immediately. They’d shrug and walk away, assuming it just didn’t work – and that’s when the weird and interesting stuff would start to happen.

Although magick works a bit differently here on this Earth plane, I think we do this a lot. We do our magick – whether that means prayer, affirmations, setting intentions, Law of Attraction processes, or actual spellwork – and if we don’t get instant results, we give up. We turn our attention elsewhere and figure our magick has failed us.

Of course, keeping your expectant attention on the spell, and stirring the pot obsessively, can be just as much of a problem. In order for magick to work, there’s a certain amount of detachment that needs to be cultivated.

What I would recommend instead is tapping into your patience, and taking inspired action. What does this mean? When you do some sort of magickal or spiritual working, however you define it for yourself, allow it the time and space to come to fruition. Work with the cycles of the moon, if you choose, perhaps giving your work a whole lunar month to ripen.

The inspired action piece is important, too. If sitting on the couch and visualizing was enough to create abundance and success, more people would do it. Do your visualization, yes, but also follow through. Go out there and do something towards your goals. As Mike Dooley says, it doesn’t matter what you do as much as that you get the wheels in motion.

What the young Magicians in the show eventually figure out is that the results won’t be instantaneous, and might not even look like what you asked for – but your magick will work. Just give it time, and support your non-physical work with inspired actions right here on the physical plane. Pay attention, and let yourself be guided to further actions that take you in the right direction, and feel good along the way.

Magick might be more subtle here than at Hogwarts or Brakebills, but it will help you get where you really want to go.

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