Starcat’s Favorites: Highs and Lows

strawberriesThis month has been really weird for me thus far. Not just nationally and internationally, although the news we’ve been getting lately is certainly horrific. But also on a more personal level. On July 4th weekend, we had planned a visit from some close friends, and a cookout with them and my extended clan. We picked some strawberries, stocked up on grillable foods, and cleaned the house. Then we ended up visiting both my friend and my Mom in two separate hospitals on Sunday, and with BlackLion grieving the sudden death of a friend who lived in Hawaii. Um, yeah. Not exactly a fun holiday weekend.

Even in the middle of the crises, though, I’ve been working on my book and a related project, and feeling really creative and inspired. It is, as Quester says often, “high and low all at once.” Here in my 40s, I’m no longer willing to allow the difficult things in life to pull me under. I’m committed to doing the work I love, even as I help my tribe and cope with my own feelings about all that’s going on around us. I’m surfing the waves, moment by moment.

It’s not easy, but I believe that keeping a hopeful and positive attitude is key. Yes, feel those overwhelming feelings of fear, sorrow, and frustration – and then let them go. Crying is a good release, and self-care is essential. Then, keep on following your passions. Don’t, as they say, let the turkeys get you down. Or not for long, anyway (mixed metaphors anyone?).

Several of the links I’m sharing this time reflect this theme of attitude making a difference. You can receive the ongoing stream of life events and resist or fight against them, or you can accept what is and do your best with it. No, none of us is perfect at surfing the waves of our emotions, but with practice, we can keep getting back up on the surfboard.

Elizabeth Gilbert on perception: “The point is: If you feel like you’re constantly being robbed, then you live in a world that’s all about constantly being robbed. And if you feel like you’re constantly being blessed, then you live in a world that’s all about constantly being blessed.” This is brilliant.

What kind of world are you dreaming up?

How our beliefs affect our genes, and thus our physical health.

This article has some useful ideas, and the title made me giggle. I want to be “ridiculously successful” – by my own definition, of course.

What does it mean to “do your Work?” This article is one person’s attempt at defining it.

Here are some sacred sites to visit in the United States. Who’s up for a road trip? I’m ready for a metaphysical tour – and I won’t have to go far to visit the Maine site!

I can never resist a good summer reading list. If you’re more into crafts, this summer bucket list craft looks like a lot of fun.

Enjoy your hammock or beach time!

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