Wild and Precious

If someone asked me who my favorite poet is, on most days I’d say Mary Oliver. I first encountered her because one of my yoga teachers loved to read her poems to us at the beginning or end of class. Wow.

When Brent and I were doing a fun photo shoot for our Faerie Travelogue series recently, we came across this sign at a Unitarian Universalist church in Portland.

Mary Oliver quote

Yes, it’s a quote from Mary Oliver! So, how would you answer her question?

As for me, I’m going to write and create, dance, hike around in the woods, take trips to explore new parts of the world, dream, drum, spend time with my loved ones, seek out sacred spaces, swim in lakes, laugh a lot, walk on beaches, read terrific books, eat fresh fruits and veggies, play, enjoy awesome music, be kind, let myself be filled up with gratitude, and do yoga. So be it!

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