Starcat’s Favorites: Rocket Propelled

Well, hello there!  Hard to believe it’s mid-January already. After the busy busy holiday season, it feels like my time for reflection afterwards was a bit too brief, and I’ve already jumped right into 2013. It’s like I’m rocket propelled!

I’m not complaining, though. It’s all really good stuff! My book is already getting lots of positive attention, Feline Dreamers is growing (check out our very special offer – only 3 days left!), I’m taking a dance class, and a bunch of Dark Follies gigs are coming up quickly. I started my art journal, and I’m looking forward to more crafting time. I’m working on being mindful of balance, and not filling up my schedule too much. I’m now getting regular polarity therapy sessions thanks to some bartering that BlackLion is doing, and that definitely helps.

Tomorrow, my dear daughter ElvenTiger will turn 14! So today I’m making chocolate pie for her celebration (plus some soup for tonight’s dinner – it feels like a soup day), taking Dryst to his indoor soccer game, cleaning up the house, doing our taxes, working on some business stuff, and going to band practice. And this is a non-busy day! Phew! Luckily I’m feeling healthy and energized. Go, team!

This week I got the news that I WON a very cool online course centered around uplifting my business. It’s called Shift Your Biz. It aligns perfectly with my 2013 intentions, and I couldn’t have currently afforded to purchase it for myself. Thanks, Universe, for the awesome gift! And Dani and Linda, for hosting the contest and offering this fantastic opportunity!

Here are just a couple more “begin the new year” type of posts, and then I’ll stop, I promise. It looks like I’m not the only one feeling energized by 2013. And there is this awesome list for this year. I want to make one! I think I’m just a wee bit addicted to lists.

This post made me sigh. So lovely. What an amazing gift to yourself.

BlackLion recently found this blog, which I really resonate with. I wish I’d known about it when I was just starting my self-love focus, but it’s a great resource no matter where you are in the process.

Enjoy your week, and remember to take time for you! Blessings!

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