Starcat’s Favorites: August Craziness

August is often a very busy month for our family, and this year is no exception. We’re busy with Dryst’s soccer pre-season, birthday party preparations, working, getting ready for our autumn activities (yes, the planning process has begun), making fresh salsa, creating music, being present for some folks who need our help, grieving and healing, and of course, sneaking in a swim in the pond whenever we can.

I’ve still managed to keep up on my reading this week; much of it is inspirational, which helps keep me going when I start to feel overwhelmed or exhausted. Here are some links worth sharing.

This article addresses that feeling of getting overwhelmed, and offers ideas on how to create space for yourself within the chaos.

You can embody kindness by being more open, and letting go of fears that hold you back.

Sometimes we just need to go beyond our comfort zone, and seek out the types of adventures that wake us up to our passions.

Especially during a busy time, it’s important to love what you do. Even when you don’t.

For further help on living and loving life, check out these tips that keep you on your toes.

What can your body tell you that you might not be aware of consciously? This video has interesting information and an intriguing exercise on behavioral kinesiology.

And finally, if you can take a few moments to relax, even during a busy week, the stillness will help you recharge and restore your energy.

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