My Busy-ness

Over the past few weeks, I’ve come up with a bunch of ideas of things to post here, but haven’t actually sat down to write them up. Why? I’m busy. I know, lame excuse, everyone’s busy, you hear it all the time. This isn’t the type of busy I’ve had in the past, though, where I was stressed out and overwhelmed. For the most part, it’s been stuff that I want to do, creative and fun things that keep me on the go. This movement fits well with the energy of spring, and feels like it’s part of the forward momentum that we’ve been enjoying in regard to Feline Dreamers and living our dreams. So what exactly have I been up to?

Unschooling: I’ve been spending time with my kids and their friends, which also includes some of my friends. We hosted last week’s homeschool group (since our usual hosts are traveling), and have been teaching a cooking class with BlackLion at our weekly co-op. I’m also taking an art class with ElvenTiger at co-op. With teens, there’s also a lot of chauffeuring them around. ElvenTiger has her weekly swim class, and hangouts with friends. Dryst is now in a very busy lacrosse season, with practices and/or games every day but Sunday. He’s also been to a couple of concerts with his friends lately, Seether being the most recent.

 Writing and editing: I’ve been working on putting together my book, which I’m still extremely thrilled about! As well as writing articles, keeping journals, and editing scripts for our guided meditation CD. I’m thankful for all the creativity that is flowing through me!

Drumming: My involvement with Dark Follies has really ramped up. We have lots of rehearsals and gigs, plus my own drum practice. I’m a bit intimidated, as I still don’t feel like a “real musician” sometimes. But I’m learning so much, and really enjoying the process! BlackLion and I are even creating a skit for the June stage show – faeries will be involved. Tee hee!

Socializing with family and friends: Aunt Peg is doing much better, and I’m so thankful! We’ve still been helping her with laundry and other tasks. It’s also fun to visit with her more often, and we plan to keep it up. We do our weekly evening with Mom and Dad, which is always fun, plus lately we’ve hung out with my brother and his wife for a birthday gathering, and we have some regular role-playing games that we’re a part of as well. And cats to snuggle, of course!

Cooking…and uncooking: Inspired by some friends at Life Rocks!, BlackLion and I have been adding more raw and living foods to our diet. It feels challenging to fit this in with the desires of the rest of the family (for their usual meals) and adapt to the high cost of some of the items. I feel like if I was just preparing foods for myself, I could easily eat all or mostly raw foods. But I’m taking my own advice and practicing “vibe first, then act,” setting an intention to eat more healthfully and letting it unfold naturally.

Healing: I have a new Reiki client, and really enjoyed working with her at my home. Usually I make house calls to my clients’ homes, but she prefers coming to me, and it’s working well.

Radio: I’ve been doing some on-air shifts at the public radio station, helping them out when people need time off and earning some extra money in the process.

Connecting: Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve been making an effort to get on Facebook and make contact with folks there. I have lots of ideas that I’m excited to share! And I’m giving attention to my various daily practices that help connect me with the energy of the Divine.

Even so, there is much correspondence unfinished, a long-intended visit to a friend and her baby that hasn’t happened yet, and new plans in the works for our Full Moon circle. I’d also love to do more yoga and walking, moving my body more deliberately. And I’m ready for more prosperity to flow in and help us with our monthly bills. Overall, though, I’m thankful for the busy-ness of a fulfilling life. Bring it on, world, I’m ready!

What about you? What have you been doing so far this spring?

Tell me what you think!

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