Sharing the Joy of Journals

This fall, ElvenTiger and I joined a newly-formed homeschool co-op group in our area. Well, the whole family is a part of it, really, but we’re the ones who have gotten involved so far. ElvenTiger’s taking classes in basket-weaving and cooking, and next session will be helping teach a knitting class. She loves it.

I’m having fun too, helping with the cooking class, meeting new friends, and learning how to hula hoop. Next session I’m offering a class on journaling. I’ve been keeping journals since I was a kid, and doing daily journal writing since 1997. I just love it! Journaling helps me practice my writing craft, capture memories of our daily life, gain deep insights into who I am and who I’m becoming, explore my dreams, and work through my emotions. I currently keep a dream journal, a personal journal, and a Tarot journal.

It’s also fun creating a class in which to share my passion for journal-keeping. I’m choosing journal entries from authors and historical figures to share (for inspiration), finding exercises to get class members writing, and gathering resources to share. Once I see how the class goes, perhaps I’ll gather my favorite parts into a journaling workshop to offer to the public.


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  1. That’s awesome! I love journaling. My mother bought me a hardbound blank book with a unicorn on it when I was 9 or so, and I have been keeping a journal in one form or another ever since.

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