Life is Creeping In

I thought November was supposed to be a time for rest, reflection, and renewal. Now I’m feeling busy again, and wondering what on earth happened! I knew we’d have a lot to do for Feline Dreamers this month, as we had our big CBK launch and all. But it seems that lots of other things are clamoring for attention, too.

The challenge is, all of these things are fun and interesting, like drum rehearsals, social gatherings, and soccer banquets (okay, those aren’t so interesting, but they’re for the kids). This week we’re attending a homeschoolers’ Thanksgiving feast, and hosting the monthly family potluck at our home. Both things are fun, but require a lot of extra grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

I’m still longing for some “me time,” and looking for ways to integrate it into my days more often and more smoothly. I want to revitalize my yoga practice, and spend some time on some personal writing projects, and daydream. I want to take walks before the snow pushes its way in for the season. I want to sit by the fire and gaze at the flames. I’m doing well with my daily spiritual practices, and I’m feeling pretty good overall, but at this time of year, I’m drawn to more. More introspection, more relaxation, more unstructured time. And to magick – our Full Moon ritual last week was so restorative for me!

Luckily (knock on wood) my calendar toward the end of the month isn’t quite as full as this week’s and next week’s. Thanksgiving weekend is pretty wide open. I’m going to keep it that way, I hereby resolve. And I’m going to add “my stuff” to the big to-do list in my notebook. So be it!

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