Feelin’ Sorta Bleah

We’re in the midst of a long, long stretch of rain, drizzly weather here in New England. A lot of folks are talking about feeling dreary, too. Well, this week I’ve really felt it. Of course, I think hormones are involved, too (yeah, I know, probably TMI!). But anyway, I’ve been feeling pretty low-energy and blah.

My sister-in-law is here for a visit now, though, and that’s been fun. She’s a sweetheart. She just cut my hair, which gives me a little boost. Wow, I can see now! Pictures would be forthcoming, but alas, no camera battery yet.

Also, a dear friend invited ElvenTiger and I to her kids’ performance this weekend. Normally we all try to go to each others’ recitals, plays, games, and other events, but I didn’t have the funds to do it this time, so she offered to pay our way. That’ll perk up our rainy weekend, too.

Otherwise, I’ve been taking refuge in meditation and yoga and playing games with the family. And, of course, reading! Quester is cooking tonight. We’re doing “breakfast for dinner.” Gotta go now, my parents are here and I’ve gotta help get the table set. Blessings!

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