Day in the Life of Starcat

Rather unoriginal, I know, but I haven’t been all that inspired with other topics. I got up early (for me) and got ready for the day. That includes doing daily practice, which for today was journal writing, Tarot card draw, sit-ups, and dream sharing. Most days I also meditate, but there wasn’t time this morning.

A friend picked me up and we went to the Interfaith Walk for Habitat for Humanity, stopping to get the cake and some paper plates along the way. I was volunteering today, not walking. I’d told my friend, who was one of the organizers, that I’d do whatever she needed. We helped set up for the event, which included tables for registration, lunch for the walkers, and a blessing ceremony. My main task for the morning was to inflate balloons! And then I cut up and served the cake. Very fae tasks, and right up my alley!

I also got to see another friend, and her baby daughter, who came with her to volunteer. Her sweet baby was the hit of the gathering! She’s so adorable. My favorite part of the event is always the blessing, though. I just love to see a Pagan priestess up there with the rabbi and pastors and priests. Pagans have been involved with Habitat’s interfaith building projects and fund-raising events in our area for years, and it has earned us a lot of respect from the religious community. That’s awesome! We’ve also become known as the ones who stay until the end and pitch in to clean up. I’m thankful for all the hard work so many Pagan folks have put in over the years (this is only my second year of helping out). Next year, I think I’ll do the walk as well as helping set up and clean up.

When I got home, I took some time to chill out, chat with the family, and read my book. BlackLion and ElvenTiger were mixing up the dough to make naan. Quester and Dryst were off working for the afternoon. We listened to Radio Paradise, and the DJ was totally on a roll – my favorite set being Pink Floyd’s “Time” followed by Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony followed by the Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” It worked.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and then BlackLion and I made vegetable curry, basmati rice, and raita (cucumber yogurt sauce), and baked up the garlic-chive naan. When Quester and Dryst got back, we all had a yummy Indian food dinner. We hung out for a while, and then played a couple of games of Skip-Bo. Quester has gone off to bed, and I’m soon to join him, book in hand. The kids are mock wrestling in the living room. Both cats have just come in. Star is eating her dinner. BlackLion is ready to use the laptop once I’m finished. And that, dear readers, is a day in the life of Starcat. I hope you found it worth reading. Meow!

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