Cake of the Month: January, part 2

The second Cake of the Month for January, ElvenTiger’s birthday cake, was quite a success! I created my own recipe, after doing a bunch of research online and in cookbooks. My Mom, BlackLion, and ElvenTiger all helped out in various ways (and thanks to Jen-Mom for two of the pictures, below!). The recipe is called Caramel-Chocolate Layer Cake. Not a very clever title, but it describes it well. And it was delicious!

The cake itself was very tasty, although I found it a bit too dry. I’m going to increase the amount of liquid and try it again. The Caramel Filling, which went inside, was amazing, though my recipe made too much. We ended up making the leftovers into a drizzle for the top of the cake by adding melted chocolate. We still have some drizzle left in a jar in the fridge, designated as an ice cream topping. The Caramel Frosting came out perfect – it has the Caramel Filling as one of the ingredients. I hope to improve my cake decorating skills over the course of this project, but I thought it looked funky and cute with the candles, and ElvenTiger loved it.

The leftover Caramel Frosting topped some brownies I made for a friend’s birthday party the following night. They were well received, particularly by the female party guests, although BlackLion thought they were a bit too intense. Hee hee!

By the way, this cake is by no means low-calorie or vegan! It has eggs from a friend’s farm, real butter, cream, and plenty of sugar. If you’re watching how much of those things you eat, don’t worry – some of my future cakes won’t be quite so rich and decadent. I can also make some rather tasty health-conscious creations.

I’m still tweaking the recipe, but if you’d like a copy, contact me and I’ll send you one when it’s ready. You can reach me by leaving a comment here on the blog, through Facebook, or via the Contact page at


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