Holiday Greetings and a Quote

Holiday greetings to all! I’ve been away from the online world, mostly because my computer has been out of commission, but also because of the busy time with holiday preparations.

I’m very thankful for all the people in my life, and for all their love and caring. I’m thankful for the blessings of abundance that surround me. Thank you Universe!

We had a wonderful Winter Solstice ritual and celebration on Friday night with a small festive group of family and friends. The ritual was fun, and the feast was delicious. We didn’t have as many guests as we’ve had other years, and I enjoyed having a mellow gathering. Only four of us stayed up to keep the vigil; this was the first year that ElvenTiger has made it all night! We played games and ate candy and hung out by the fire.

Our Christmas celebration was also a lot of fun. We gathered at Mom’s on Christmas Eve for a yummy supper and to watch a movie. I also got to bond with her new kitten a bit. Then, on Christmas morning, we opened gifts at my house, had Christmas dinner and played with the new games and toys. The celebration continued into the evening, as Raven and BlackLion joined us to open gifts, have some munchies and play a game.

Then I took a shower and collapsed into bed. I tend to get caught up in doing too much to get ready for the winter holidays. While I wasn’t stressed out this year, I do feel tired, like I did too much and wore myself out a bit. I want to take some time to just relax and restore, and not have to accomplish anything.

Here’s a quote I found today that spoke to me of the importance of being present where and when you are:

“If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.”
– Maria Edgeworth

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