My Heart’s Bucket List

festivalfunOne of the prompts in a Play Nexus online workshop was to write your heart’s bucket list. Since I’m about to head off on a retreat with these amazing folk, I thought I’d share my list with you here.

It was wonderful to write a bucket list that had nothing to do with what I thought “should” be on it, but rather to just let it flow from the heart. Sound inspiring? I challenge you to write your own! Share some of your list items in the comments, if you like.

My Heart’s Bucket List

Feed and play with baby tigers.

Travel to India and Tibet, alone, on a silent walking and writing retreat. Meditate everywhere, do yoga with very old people, eat delicious fresh foods, and communicate through all of it with just my smile and my open heart.

Attend a huge play retreat with the Play Nexus Faeries at a tropical location and play until I drop.

Travel through Europe with my daughter. Ride on trains and do whatever feels fun in the moment.

Help people to feel better by sharing ways to amp up their vibe. Gently meet them where they are, while still being in my centered space, and, when they are willing, lead them by the hand right up the rainbow, where we can dance together in joyful bliss.

Get a polarity session every week.

Hire a personal trainer health guru who will make healthy yummy meals for me and give me fun physical adventures to play my body right up to full vibrant wellness.

Meet a real Goddess and tell her about my dreams and ask her lots of questions and be held by her, tenderly.

Make lots of money doing my writing so that my family can all do what they love too and not have to worry about paying bills. And hire a cleaning service to keep our home clean and sparkly.

See Derek Hough dance. In person.

Have a cozy little fae cottage built out in the woods on our land, just for me, as my private creative space. It will be filled with books and pillows and rugs and have a fireplace and a hammock and a kickass stereo system and a drafting table with lots of art supplies, and a nifty laptop but no wifi (too distracting).

Feel free every day.

Tell me what you think!

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