Lights, Camera, Action!

On Friday night, the kids had some friends here for a sleepover. ElvenTiger and her friend A. wanted to sleep in a tent in the backyard and we decided to have a fire in our fire pit. We had the ingredients for s’mores and once it started getting dark, the adults started the fire and gathered the camp chairs.

The kids had been playing together over in the softball field then they came back and sat by the fire. Dryst was lagging behind and we soon figured out he had circled around to sneak through the woods to startle us. He gradually lured the other kids out to find him and, from this game, an idea surfaced.

They got out the video camera and decided to make a short horror video to put up on YouTube. Soon they were in full production. Costumes were quickly designed (luckily we had leftover fake blood from Halloween), scenes planned, and extra lighting found. Dryst was the director and they recruited BlackLion to film the scenes (he’s also helping with the editing process). I did some drumming for the soundtrack, at their request. Rehearsal was done on the fly, so there are probably more “blooper” tracks than good takes. We all laughed a lot.

I’ll post the final results when the film is done. This was a spontaneous project that they were all excited about and focused on. It was inspired, planned, and carried out by the kids, with adult involvement when they asked for it, but led cooperatively by all four friends. A fun time was had by all!


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