Channeling Through Your Inner Source

Me with my dear friend Jenn, who helped teach me to channel

My experiences with channeling began with reading and studying channeled material. Then, in polarity therapy sessions, I watched channeling in action, receiving wisdom from my own non-physical guides through a talented practitioner. Now, I’ve opened up to becoming a channel myself, allowing wisdom to flow through my fingers as I type the words of the Goddess.

It might appear that becoming a channel for non-physical information is an exalted position. It may seem like it’s the rare person who can be open in this way.

I don’t think that’s true.

In our culture, we’ve pushed these types of experiences far to the fringes. Most people are very skeptical of those who claim to channel wisdom from another realm. Some of us go to the opposite extreme, putting those who channel on some kind of pedestal.

I believe that we all have the potential to channel. It only makes sense, if you consider that you are more than just your physical body. Part of you already resides in the non-physical world. Your soul is eternal, and is connected with your inner Source.

The part of you that remains conscious in the non-physical realm while you are embodied here on Earth has been called the oversoul, higher self, or Deep Self. You have access to that wise, eternal part of you. Most of us only access our higher self when we are asleep and dreaming.

That’s not the only way, however.

Channeling is simply setting aside the constant chatter of the ego, the waking mind, and allowing the higher self to speak.

Your higher self, in turn, is connected to other entities with whom you are intimately related. There are families of consciousness, who share your passions and missions. Your higher self is part of a gestalt of these entities. These groups of oversouls and guides are very interested in your experience here on planet Earth.

When my son was little, he knew about my interest in channeled material. He had his own theory about why these teachings weren’t more commonly known. One day he told me, “You do realize that Abraham and Seth and those guys are probably outlaws? The very fact that more of them haven’t come proves it. It’s probably like, ‘don’t mess with the Earth people, let them evolve by themselves!'”

While we laughed at his description, I acknowledge that there may be some truth in it.

Still, at this time of awakening, it seems that more of these rebellious guides are coming forth to help us navigate the changes. We’re also becoming more receptive to our inner guidance. For those of us who wish to live as conscious co-creators, it makes sense to allow our deepest wisdom to flow forth into our waking lives.

Channeling is a relatively simple way to access wisdom and guidance that will help you and your community.

Some people worry that allowing a non-physical entity into your energy system could be dangerous. I won’t deny that there are spirits and other non-physical thoughtforms which may not have your best interests in mind.

However, you’re not a helpless victim. There are simple actions you can take to make sure that you’re channeling a positive and well-intentioned guide.

First, use your awareness. Your intuition is your primary system for evaluating what’s going on. If something feels “off,” don’t do it.

Second, do your channeling in sacred space, whatever that means to you.

Third, set an intention for your channeling session. Dedicate your session to the highest good of all. Ask your guides or angels to protect you as you receive this deep wisdom. Just as there is no need to give your power away to another human, you need not give it away to a non-physical guide or being.

You are the one who is in charge of your experience.

It can also help to seek out the wisdom of someone who is experienced with channeling. Find a respected polarity therapist, psychic, or medium, and book a session with them. If you have a positive experience, chat with them afterwards and ask a few questions.

Ethical practitioners will be open to answering your questions and making suggestions. If what they say resonates with you, try out their techniques. Again, if the experience feels “off,” then it isn’t right for you.

Channeling need not be something to fear, or to see as a “high level” practice, beyond your ability.

Each of us has inner guides and higher selves who are there to help us. Learning to communicate effectively with them will enhance your life in many ways. Explore channeling in ways that feel safe and fun to you. Don’t take it too seriously.

The non-physical realms are steeped in love and joy. Find your connection to those vibrations, and you’ll access the wisdom that is part of your own soul.

(This post is an excerpt from my book The Heart of the Goddess: A Handbook for Living Soulfully).

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