Stop Fitting In

I spent the first half of my life trying to “fit in” with other people’s ways of being.

If you’re still doing that, I’m here to tell you: it’s not worth it.

Please, stop. It’s a waste of your time, your energy, and your precious unique soul.

It’s much more worthwhile to explore what make YOU tick – your preferences, joys, desires, passions, and strengths. Sure, it’s helpful to understand your weaknesses and gaps, too, but only in a way that allows you to overcome or work around them.

The world doesn’t need more cookie-cutter people who follow the trends and get in line with what’s generally acceptable. We can all see where that’s gotten us as a society.

You came here to experience life on the physical plane and to learn interesting and fun things. Yes, fun.

If you aspire to expanding your creativity and/or spirituality (which I imagine you do, since you’re reading this), it’s especially key to follow your own heart rather than trying to be like someone else.

I know, I know, you have years of programming and even genetic coding that contradicts my advice. Wanting to fit in comes from the fear of being abandoned and alone. But it’s easier than ever, with the internet at your fingertips, to find your particular tribe of like-minded people.

Not ones that you need to be like, but those who get you, and love you for who you are. Those whose interests and philosophies align with yours in interesting ways. When you find people like that, cherish them.

It’s also essential to cherish yourself. Do the inner work that allows you to love yourself for who you truly are.

Cultivating love for yourself is an ongoing practice. As you grow and change, update your ideas about who you are. It’s healthy to release things that were once part of your identity, and to embrace new skills, talents, and preferences.

We sometimes get stuck in a rut, thinking we’ll always be exactly the same. In life, change is the only constant. When you hold lightly to your concepts of self, you create space for authentic personal growth. Yep – you don’t even have to fit in with yourself!

Dear creative soul, fitting in is a cop-out. You are an amazing being of light and shadow. You co-create your experience each and every day. You live in a way that is endlessly fascinating, when you open to fully expressing your authenticity.

Reclaim your energy from worrying about how others see you. Use that energy to write your book, paint your mural, direct your show, run your business, dance your dance, start that non-profit, run that D&D game, hike that mountain, knit sweaters for trees, raise your family to be their own unique selves – you get the idea.

Whatever lights you up, no matter how unusual or weird it may seem, go for it. Be you. We need you and your unique contributions.

Tell me what you think!

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