The New Book: NaNoWriMo Days 11-13

NaNoWriMo, November 2019, DAY 11 – 2006 words

Dear Diary,

Monday again, and a holiday at that. I’m feeling much better, and my shift at the radio station didn’t tax my voice too much, which is good. I thought about writing in the morning, before I left, but that didn’t happen. Based on when I’ve checked in, the NaNoWriMo website has labeled me a night owl, doing most of my writing in the evening. Which is quite true, this time around.

Once again, sprints are totally working for me. I can’t believe I never tried them before! From now on, I’m recommending them to all my writing clients…

DAY 12 – 2161 words

Dear Diary,

Again with the nightly sprints! It’s nearly a new habit now.

Tonight I came up with a new character, completely spontaneously. Her name is Pepper. I’m learning about her as I go. Fiction is so much fun.

Sometimes I get weird about fiction and have a lot of resistance to it. I think that’s because writing long-form fiction is a relatively new thing to me; I’ve only been writing it for the past five or six years.

This time around, NaNoWriMo feels entirely different to me. At first it was the shift to not planning in advance, and the struggle to finish book 2. These past few days, though, my creativity has been flowing freely. I’m going to enjoy it and try not attach too many expectations.

Easier said than done, probably.

DAY 13 –  1996 words

Dear Diary,

BlackLion and I have been doing 15 minute word sprints together. I like that length a bit better than the 10 minutes that our NaNo crew have been doing – those feel a tad too short. In a little over an hour, I’d completed another scene and made a good word count.

Each scene is being planned as I go, which is new. I’m kind of liking it. I do think about the book during the day, when I’m not writing, which contributes to the as-yet-unseen plot. Hey, if Stephen King doesn’t plan and he’s had huge success, I think I’m in good company.

I had a fantastic strategy meeting with my biz coach today. I’m being careful to build my business such that I always have time to be working on my own books. I love it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing books, as long as I live. I started late, so I don’t really think I’ll get sick of it. My books are my retirement plan.

Tell me what you think!

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