Starcat’s Favorites: Getting Results

It’s no secret to longtime readers that I LOVE summer. But it’s not just the warmer days and more time off to enjoy this gorgeous season. It’s also that it’s the season of abundance. Flowers, strawberries, vegetable stands, the trees, sunshine – it feels like everything is in bloom. Abundance surrounds us. For me, it’s a time when my creativity is especially expansive, and I can see the results of the inspired actions I take.

From the results my clients got in my summer retreat – one attendee wrote 22,000 words in five days! – to the amazing EFT session I had with a mentor, to my own writing process, I’ve been getting results.

It feels amazing. Like a flourishing garden, life is in full bloom.

I’m loving it. How’s your summer going? Here are some fun links from the web to peruse this weekend.

Why it’s better to not make manifesting your desires such a big deal. Try this manifesting method – it’s simple but powerful. Another favorite: acting as if!

Maybe you’re meant to have your “head in the clouds.” (Raising my hand. Yep.)

Ritual is good for your health. Why Pagan religions publicize rather than proselytize.

“You can learn to identify and work with your shadow self so that you can reach your goals and live your best life.”

How do you know if you should write a book? Here are some clues.

Enjoy your day, sweet one!

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