Spreading the Love – The Joys of Snail Mail

This past spring, when I was feeling very shaken from all the crazy stuff going on in my personal life, a good friend made a wonderful suggestion.

We were both attending the same biz retreat (we have the best coach!). In a small group, we were asked to talk about things that were holding us back.

I confessed that when crisis hits, I tend to hide. At a time when it would be useful to reach out for support, my tendency is to pull inward. My friend’s idea was that we gather a few close friends and write each other love letters, which we’d then keep on our own altars until we were having a rough time, but reaching out might not occur to us, or might feel scary.

Then we’d have the letters to open – and reading what our friends love most about us would allow us to feel supported, even if we were hiding.

Last week was the full moon, and my wild women sisters and I had planned some time at our favorite beach. As the day approached, though, the forecast was for heavy rain and thunderstorms.

So we instead gathered at our favorite coffee shop. We sipped chai tea, chatted, and wrote love letters to one another. Several people who usually attend couldn’t make it (even my friend who came up with the idea), but we wrote them letters, too.

I loved doing this so much! There’s something about writing what I love about each woman that feels delicious to my soul.

When I got home that evening, I sat down and wrote a few more letters. I wrote them for new friends as well as longtime ones, and even for the women I’m just getting to know, there was plenty for me to love about them, and to share with them. It was fun mailing them off to find their way to the women’s homes.

Each letter had one sentence in common: “You are beautiful, both inside and out.” It’s so true. Each friend is a lovely soul, and it shines forth – body, mind, and spirit.

I put the love letters I received on my altar, unread. They’ll wait there until I need them.

In the meantime, I’m ready to write some more love letters. I’ve missed letter-writing, and it feels good to know that these love missives will brighten someone’s day.

What about you? Do you still send snail mail? Try spreading the love to those you care about. It will nourish your spirit – and you might just get some love letters in your mailbox, too.

Tell me what you think!

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