Summer Solstice Dreaming

Last week was the Summer Solstice, and this week is the full moon – between the two, my dreams have been super crazy. I mean, even crazier than they normally are! Anyone else?

In one, I was rollerblading in endless circles through this huge mansion with hundreds of rooms with wooden floors, and trooping down staircases with my feet sideways…until I was caught, in a startling way, and woke up.

In another, I offered to help someone by breastfeeding their baby, just casually, you know, no big deal. Not that I’d have an issue with that in general, but I don’t even think I knew them before that moment!

I’ve been participating in wars against demonic-looking aliens, trying to start a love affair with a man I worked with years ago, and tasting plum cocktails.

And those were just from the past few days!

My emotions have been kind of dynamic, up and down like a rollercoaster, in waking life, too.

As I wrote this, I started wondering what was going on in the stars, astrologically speaking, so I took a peek, and sure enough, there’s a lot happening. The same is true on the world stage, where some of the ugly underbelly of humanity is in the spotlight.

As an empath, I guess I’m getting caught up in those tides. Sometimes being a space-holder involves energies that are bigger than usual.

In the dreamtime, as in the waking world, I’m using my spiritual superpowers to the best of my ability. I still firmly believe that the more compassionate world we’re building, the rise of the Feminine Divine, the awakening of human consciousness – all of those things are real, and on more levels than just the Earth plane.

Keep the faith, fellow humans, and follow your dreams. Create change in your own way, with as much joy and grace as you can muster. We’ve got this.

Tell me what you think!

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