Magick and the Art of Non-Attachment

fd140716purplesunset1Magick is all about creating change. The impulse to do magick comes from some desire that you have for things in your life to be different in some way. Therefore, when you do magick you’re coming from a place of having a strong desire, which is connected to your will to craft that desired change.

The paradox is, though, that when you’re doing magick, there is a point at which you need to let go. You wrap your will energy around that desire you’re so passionate about, and drop it into the ocean of consciousness. Then you let go, and you wait.

It’s not always easy, the waiting.

Your strong desire pushes you to hurry, to manifest, to cling to that wanted thing or situation or person with all your might. You need it. You must have it! Where the hell is it?!

Instead, it’s essential to cultivate the art of non-attachment. Non-attachment, in the Buddhist faith, is a state of letting emotions come and go without clinging to them. It allows you to free yourself from negativity and expand your compassion. Non-attachment can be applied to the magick you’re doing, as well.

When you are creating your magick spell, you are most likely envisioning the outcome you wish to manifest. You picture your dream house, you list out the ideal qualities of the lover you want to attract, you imagine your bank account with five or six figures. However, once you’ve set things in motion, it’s key to let go of the very outcomes you’ve been visualizing.

The Universe might have something even better in store for you – or at least something very different, which will nonetheless fulfill your desire.

I’ve found that it helps me to cultivate my non-attachment to the outcome when I return to the reason behind the desire. WHY do you want the new home, the lover, the money? What are you seeking, truly? Is it space to spread out and be creative, a companion for the long winter nights, the security of knowing your bills will be paid at the end of each month? When you look for the WHY behind your original desire, you’ll see the broader picture. You’ll be able to see that there are a myriad of ways your desire could come true.

This gives your magick a chance to work. It gives the Universe the opportunity to bring you just the very gift that will uplift your experience and help you grow.

Practice non-attachment, while still actively doing the work to manifest your desires, and you’ll see how beautifully your dreams can come true.

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