Surviving the Spiritual Apocalypse

suncatchThe title of today’s post is a joke, sort of. A couple of weeks ago, BlackLion and I were kicking around various ideas for a subtitle for my forthcoming book, The Heart of the Goddess. My daughter ElvenTiger was listening in, and her suggestion, with a gleam in her eye, was “Surviving the Spiritual Apocalypse.” We laughed.

Then there was this election…

Many of us are now feeling like some kind of “end of the world as we know it” is upon us. It sucks that racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are values that many of our newly elected officials espouse. There’s a lot of fear about what will happen over the next four years, and perhaps beyond. Rightfully so.

And yet…

In the big picture, what we’re seeing is the last gasp of the patriarchy. The Feminine Divine is on the rise. Human consciousness is awakening. The current political climate is a big old backlash against this awakening.

In The Heart of the Goddess, I talk about eight qualities associated with the Divine Feminine: compassion, creative expression, holistic health, intuition, respect for diversity, communion with Nature, spiritual connection, and collaboration. These are things that we’ve been seeing more of in our society over the past few decades, and that we’re going to need to focus on even more now.

I’m so excited to be able to share this vision of how we can learn to embody these qualities in our lives, and ripple them outward into society as a whole. It gives me hope, even when things seem rather bleak.

The book will be out in about three weeks, and I’ll be giving talks and workshops about the qualities of the Feminine Divine. If you’re called to read more on what it’s all about, check out our pre-order page. This is work that the world needs, and if you’re called to it, let’s do it together. We can survive – and thrive – through the spiritual apocalypse, and beyond. Blessings!

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