It’s That Time of Year

ainegirlyI woke up this morning with no blankets, and one tiny corner of the bed where I was squished to the edge of the mattress. Why? Snuggling dogs. We have two medium-sized dogs, who somehow become Great Big Giant Bed-Stealing Canines when the weather gets cooler. Still, they’re so cute – who could kick them off?

Both of the cat brothers are also sleeping indoors at night, now that the lows are in the 30s and 40s. The heat has been turned on, and slippers are essential.

It’s that time of year.

Sure, I’m a huge fan of summer. I love the hot weather and the chance to swim outdoors and lie in the hammock. But autumn is nice, too. I resist the cold weather and early sunsets for a while, and then I remember how much I love this inward-turning time of year.

This fall I’m working on my fourth book, called The Heart of the Goddess. The draft is done, and now I’m deep into the editing process. I’m loving my work, perched at the kitchen table with my laptop and a hot cup of tea. It sounds like bragging when I say it, but truly…this one is something special. I’m captivated.

I journal more, in the fall. I read more, if that’s possible. I sleep even more deeply. I muse and plan and envision new creative projects. My inner landscape unfolds as I go a bit further into hibernation mode.

There’s something truly special about this dark time of the year, between Samhain and Winter Solstice. It’s a time when we long to hunker down in our cozy homes and just BE. I encourage you to do just that. Never mind the long work hours, the perennial housework, and the other demands of a busy modern life. You can squeeze in some down time. You know it will feel good.

Take some extra time for relaxation, now or over the weekend. Plan an afternoon of doing only the things that you want to do. How often do you do that, really? It’s essential to take time to recharge now and then. You might want to devote your attention to a juicy novel, binge-watch your favorite series, bundle up and walk on the beach, or just dive head-first into a long nap.

What do you need?

Give yourself the gift of some extra rest and relaxation. After all, it’s that time of year.


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