Starcat’s Favorites: The Full Moon

mybeachspot2Happy Full Moon!

Most of my energy right now is wrapped up in finishing my book draft. Still, a writer needs a break now and then, so I’ll be hitting the beach tomorrow evening to howl at the moon with my wild women sisters. (Thank goodness for the warmth of the campfire!) I’ve been doing some crafting, which for me seems to go along with cooler weather. And I discovered some cool new links for you, in my random glances at the internet between writing sessions. Enjoy!

Taking advantage of the fall energies to get back to the basics.

My friend Julie wrote this inspiring story about The Spirit Pub.

I love this post about how to support introverted kids – not only because it’s useful for parents, but also for the simple, clear description of what it means to be an introvert.

I’m still in the midst of learning about ethical business and prosperity, and so several of my links this week are along those lines. Like this one about focusing on giving, simplifying, and listening to your heart. Gratitude practices are rocking my world, and I’m not the only one. Here’s an article on how to add spunk to your writing.

This week’s money inspiration: a sweet post about loving your bills, and how to manifest faster. What? I’m only a little impatient.

Back to the book-writing now. Have a terrific weekend!

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