Starcat’s Favorites: Abundant Harvest

Happy Autumn! And Happy Spring to those of you in the southern hemisphere! It is the time for harvest, and the gardens and farmer’s markets are full of abundant vegetables and fruits. Delicious! It’s also time to take a look at what we’re harvesting in our personal lives, and to share our gratitude for all the many blessings we receive all the time.

goddess-awakening-cover-smallWhat are you receiving at this sacred harvest time? What are you most thankful for? I’m thankful for my wonderful community of family and friends, both near and far. I’m SO thankful for the overwhelmingly positive response to our new e-book, Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine (get your free copy here). I’m especially thankful for the contributors who shared their gems of wisdom. I’m thankful for my home, and for all the delicious food we create. We just got back from NYC, where we attended the Life Without Instructions unschooling conference. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to travel and to hang out with such inspiring people of all ages!

My personal focus lately has been on expanding my business and being able to contribute more meaningfully to our family’s financial needs. Thus, several of the links below center around that topic. I’m so very grateful for all of these resources, for being lovingly supported, and for learning new ways of being.

This is my favorite prosperity resource so far. I’m loving the 30-day experiment! I’ve also started a Pinterest board for my prosperity studies if you’d like more ideas.

Here are 16 habits of the rich – and they might not be what you’d think.

Lessons from a self-made millionaire (swear word alert!). I’m reading one of her books and I just love her.

Looking at your work day and productivity in a whole new way – especially great for entrepreneur, work-at-home types.

On ethical leadership.

Last but not least – and just for fun – the power of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I hope you’re enjoying the bright crisp days, tasty apples, and pumpkin spice everything – if that’s your sort of thing. I’m looking forward to having some apple cider cake tonight, thanks to my Mom. Blessings!

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