Starcat’s Favorites: Summer Mode

fd140716acadia3Just one more week and it’ll be Summer Solstice. The evenings are long and everything is in bloom. Our weekly homeschool co-op is done for the summer, lacrosse season is over, and we’re shifting into summer mode around here.

Gatherings at our friends’ camp on the lake, potato salad, and road trips. More fireside time in the backyard, reading in the hammock, bare feet. Outdoor work, the screen door slamming, and fresh local veggies.

Just like every year, I’m in love with summer.

Here are some links to peruse while you’re lounging by the water.

Looking for good books to read this season? This list has some fantastic recommendations.

Going on a retreat, or a solo road trip? Here are some useful tips.

Sharing summer with friends is the best. Nurture your relationships with soul sisters and introverted pals.

As a lifelong night owl and Mom to night owls, I got a kick out of this article.

This article on different types of work schedules makes a whole lot of sense. It’s helping me organize my days more effectively, for sure.

I love these musings on taking a break from social media. So much food for thought…

Have a terrific weekend and enjoy every moment of summer!

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