A Slow Start

How’s your 2015 so far? Are you still writing 2014 when you need to note the date? Have you taken any steps toward your big goals yet? Are you still ready to take on the world?

Or maybe, not so much.

If you’re like me, the first week of 2015 might have been a bit slower than you’d wished. I started off with my usual enthusiasm for a fresh slate and new plans. Then I got hit by a chest cold, and that slowed me right down. A lot of other folks have been sick, too – post-holiday crash, anyone?

dogsdreamingBut truly, being forced to get extra rest has been a good thing. Despite the wave of excitement about New Year’s resolutions and big plans, we’re still deep in the throes of winter. Winter is a time for dreaming. The trees are asleep, many animals are in hibernation, and those who don’t hibernate still rest a lot – like my two dogs, fast asleep on the couch. Winter is for being cozy in your warm nest and recharging.

A slow start to the year isn’t a bad thing at all. It gives you time to dream up some really fantastic new adventures, set inspiring intentions, and listen to your intuition. When you take the time to deliberately envision your dreams coming true, you’re setting energies in motion that will support you when it’s time to take action. Your imagination is a powerful tool for jump-starting the experiences you wish to bring into being.

So I’ve been reading, meditating, sleeping and dreaming more, zentangling, and working on setting intentions for 2015. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of my Leonie Dawson Shining Year Life and Biz planner in the mail. I’m eating soup and doing some yoga stretches.

How are you gearing up for 2015? I hope you’re nourishing yourself at this time of new beginnings, and letting your imagination have free range as you dream up wonderful new adventures. Blessings!

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