Easing Into the Transition

A confession: I think I’m falling in love with winter. It used to be my least-favorite season, but over the past couple of years I’ve learned to appreciate it more. The snowy winter landscape is so beautiful. Even the stark greys and browns outside my window now, our snow having melted away during a warmer weather pattern, are lovely in their own way. The moon last night was so pretty!

The other thing I love about winter is the coziness of snuggling into my home and having time to reflect, create, and dream. Now that the holidays are pretty much over and done, I’m settling into my own routine once again, and making big plans for the year to come.

I feel like 2015 will be huge for me in terms of my writing career. Watch out, world! Here are the tools I’m using for my transition to the new year.

1. Re-read personal journals from 2014.
2. Make notes and compile lists (how many books I read, what my favorite books were from 2014, ideas for the coming year).
3. Do Susannah Conway’s 2015 Unravelling the Year workbook.
4. Choose a Word of the Year using the Word of the Year worksheet by Christine Kane and the Find Your Word mini-course by Susannah Conway.
5. Outline my writing plans for 2015, and write up my goals for round 1 of ROW80.
6. Meet with BlackLion to finish compiling our 2015 road map for Feline Dreamers.
7. Complete the Year End Ritual process by Sarah Susanka.
8. Write out my intentions for 2015 and create vision boards and art journal pages.

I hope some of these tools will help you in your own end-of-year transition. If it sounds overwhelming, try picking just one. I’m a Virgo and I thrive on this type of personal reflection, but it’s not for everyone. May you find your own peaceful and joyful transition.

Blessings to you as you begin the New Year!

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